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St Olav Credential 

The passport contains 64 stamping boxes, more than enough for the 45 Italian stops.

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St Olav Credential

St Olav Credential is the official credential of the Trondheim path.

The official credential is what you need for your adventure along with the wonderful lands of the North, between Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Travel through Scandinavian regions along a route along 643km. Depart Oslo and reach Trondheim where the relics of St. Olav, the first king of United and Holy Norway of the Catholic Church, are kept.

Follow the footsteps of the Norwegian patron

Trondheim is one of the four main destinations of the medieval period such as Jerusalem, Santiago, and Rome. The path we know today was inaugurated in 1997 and was recognized by the Council of Europe as a European Cultural Itinerary in 2010.

The St Olav Credential represents the “passport of the pilgrim”. It certifies the identity and motivations of the traveler, it is an indispensable tool. The pilgrim must have the St. Olav Credential with him to be identified as such. It is necessary to have the credential to have access to the reception facilities set up along the route. Moreover, with the credential, you have access to agreements with different activities. In some regions, public transport services are also affiliated.

By giving the credential in each place where the pilgrim is hosted, he will receive a stamp. By collecting all the stamps, you will be entitled to request the “Testimonium”.

Many structures welcome pilgrims by requesting a simple offer useful to bear the running costs. In other cases, you can access discounts on public transport or accommodation facilities.

The credential contains 36 stamping boxes, more than enough for the stops on this wonderful journey.

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Now that you have the official St Olav credential you just have started your trip on the Way of St. Olav.

If you book on our site you will receive the complete documentation for the trip, we will provide you with the best accommodations for your stay so that your holiday will be an unforgettable experience. Contact us now to take advantage of year-end offers!